Project Description

The study of dynamic processes of sand dunes is of a prime importance to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The landscape of the Arabian Peninsula has mostly evolved under the action of Aeolian processes since the end of the early Holocene wet period. This has resulted in the development of extensive dune systems across the peninsula (source areas, transport pathways, sand seas and dune fields). These areas of sand activity are also the source area of atmospheric dust leading to some feedback between sand system dynamics and seasonal climate in the region. Understanding the sand transportation phenomenon will facilitate creating a local model for determining the migration of smaller scale (ripples) and larger scale bedforms (megadunes) to accurately track and predict the sand dunes migration process. These studies would benefit environmental sciences to identify and model the relationship between dust emission and sand transportation. Moreover, sand dune migration studies are of great benefit to planetary sciences as dune systems are common in the Solar system; their observation might hold clues about the modern and past conditions on these planets.

Team Members