Moataz Kordi

Co-principal Investigator

National Center of Remote Sensing Technology

Moataz Kordi is a Research Assistant Professor in the National Center of Remote Sensing Technology, Space and Aviation Research Institute at KACST where he has been a scientific researcher since 1999. He is the Accountable manager of Aerial and Hyperspectral imaging program at KACST, Part-time scientific consultant at Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, member of Geospatial Foundation Theme Governance committee for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a member of Advisory Board at Geomatics Department at King Abdulaziz University. Moataz Kordi completed his Ph.D. at Curtin University, Western Australia in Physical Geography (Remote sensing of Environmental management) and his MSc at University of Wollongong, New South Wales in Physical Geography (Remote sensing of Environmental management), and his undergraduate studies in Astrophysics at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. His research interests lie in the area of studies of remote sensing, GIS, spatial analysis to land use and land cover, change detection, mapping and environmental management. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of physical geography and astrophysics. He had the opportunity to work and gain experiences in many local and international institutions and delivered many lectures and training programs in universities, collages and other institutions. He is an active participation and representor in many local and international workshops, conferences, and committees. He held a number of administrative positions in government and private entities in Saudi Arabia and other countries. He is passionate about learning and developing his skills. He enjoys sharing knowledge, inspiring and motivating others, raising awareness and educating the public through community participation.


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