Khaled Aldamegh

Principal Investigator

Center of Excellence for Earth and Space Science

I am an associate professor at the Water and Energy Institute. Graduating from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals, I joined KACST in 1991 as a researcher in Geophysics. With a scholarship from KACST I studied at Texas A&M University for a Master of Science in Geophysics. Since then I participated in many interesting projects including the establishment of the Saudi National Digital Seismic Network. With KACST support I used the first patch of data from the seismic network for my Ph.D. study at Cornell University. I worked on the seismo-tectonic of the Arabian Plate. I have also participated in a project with Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum to develop a 4D continuous seismic monitoring method for carbon sequestration. In 2011 I lead a project with Saudi Aramco to study the crustal structure of the Northern part of the Red Sea. I have also participated in the deployment of portable seismic stations to monitor some seismic activities in Tabouk, Lunayyir, and Haradh.